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DHHS-Approved Emergency Child Care

Until further notice from the State of NH regarding operation of summer day camps, our outdoor adventure summer program will be run by Nature's Pathways at 2nd Nature Academy (our campus early childhood center, currently operating as a DHHS-approved emergency child care program). Activities offered will closely mirror those typically offered by Camp Lovewell. Please read "Program Activities" for more information.

Registration & Enrollment

We are accepting registrations for the 2020 season, as normal. The State of NH has lifted restrictions and we are now able to serve all families, including those considered "non-essential" workers.

Due to government mandates, including social distancing and reduced group size protocols, program spots may be limited this summer. All registration is accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Submission of program tuition and registration fee payments are required, as normal, to hold a child’s spot.

Extended Care

Until further notice, we have revised our extended day option hours to 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, in keeping with our temporarily adjusted campus operations hours.

Health & Safety

Nature's Pathways at 2nd Nature Academy and Camp Lovewell are keeping up with the latest health and safety recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Camp Association (ACA), as well as NH state mandates.

Additional considerations that are being developed into our 2020 summer program include:

  • implementing social distancing strategies,
  • intensifying cleaning,
  • increasing disinfection,
  • improving camper hygiene protocols,
  • modifying drop off and pick up procedures,
  • implementing screening procedures upon arrival,
  • and maintaining low camper to counselor ratios.

NH DHHS does not recommend children wear masks or face coverings due to:

  • CDC guidance
  • safety issues which can pose choking or strangulation hazards
  • effectiveness being impacted by improper handling and misuse by children
  • the counter-productive nature of staff needing to be in increasingly close contact with children to provide assistance with face coverings

Program Activities

Although we are still awaiting updated mandates and/or recommendations from our state government, please note that certain camp activities may be restricted in the 2020 season. Please visit our Activities page for more information on our typical camp activities.

Kayaking & Pond Swimming: Camper Life Safety Vests

Due to health, safety, and hygiene guidance in the 2020 season, any camper who wishes to kayak and/or swim in the pond is responsible for providing his/her own “safe for use” personal flotation device (PFD), per ACA guidelines.

“Safe for use” means that PFDs are:

  • 1. US Coast Guard-approved;
  • 2. Of proper type*, size, and fit for each user;
  • 3. Sufficiently buoyant to support designated weight; and
  • 4. In serviceable condition (clasps, zippers, and so on are in working condition).

* Approved types: USCG-approved Type I, II, III, or V

If a camper's PFD does not fit the aforementioned criteria, he/she will not be permitted to swim or kayak in the pond.

Pool: All non-swimmers are still expected to provide a US Coast Guard-approved PFD for all pool and pond activities All non-swimmers are still expected to provide a US Coast Guard-approved PFD for all pool and pond activities.

Refunds & Credits

Absences due to a camper and/or household member contracting coronavirus (with documentation provided by a physician of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis) will be eligible for a refund or credit.

Our standard policy applies to all other absences and/or withdrawals. The annual registration fee ($25) is non-refundable. Please make separate payments for registration fees and program payments. Visit our Rates & Dates and Registration pages for more information.

Camp Tours

We are unfortunately unable to provide campus tours for the 2020 season, as we are following stricter health and safety protocol on campus. In lieu of in-person tours, we encourage interested families to view our comprehensive video tour, found on our Camp Tour & FAQ page.

Camp T-Shirts

Although it remains our goal to provide official camp t-shirts for those campers registered by June 1, 2020, due to the current public health crisis and disruptions to our programs and other local services, we cannot guarantee that t-shirts will be provided this summer.