We currently sell our products out of our Nashua, NH location on The Nature of Things campus. Eggs are available for purchase in the main (white building) on campus.

If you have an inquiry, please feel free to call or email us.


Pastured Eggs

From free range* and grass-fed chickens

Available for purchase at The Nature of Things campus

Pastured Broilers

From free range* and grass-fed chickens

Sold Out for Season

Beef – Belted Galloway

From fresh-foraging** cattle

Sold Out for Season

Lamb – Oxford/Khatadin/Romney

From fresh-foraging** sheep

Sold Out for Season

Goats – Boer

From fresh-foraging** goats

Sold Out for Season


From pigs raised on forest grazing***

Sold Out for Season

*Our free-range birds eat bugs and scratch through cattle droppings to sanitize the pasture, working as “biological cleansers.” Their diets are supplemented with grain and they receive daily, fresh air, exercise and sunshine.

**Our fresh-forage livestock is regularly rotated to new pastures throughout late spring to early autumn and are hay and silage fed in the winter months.

***Forest grazing improves soil quality and reclaims land as pasture.

To learn more about our rotational grazing practices, please visit our Philosophy page.