Wilderness Skills Summer Camp

Due to planned renovations and improvements being made to the barn structure and campus this summer, all Cultivating Wild camps are being placed on hiatus for the 2020 season.

At Wilderness Skills Camp, we guide each child on their own path to discover the wonders of the natural world over the course of two weeks.  Ancestral skills like shelter building, fire making, tracking, and archery activate the senses and give campers the skills, knowledge, and confidence to interact with their landscapes as caretakers and have fun doing it!

Care for the living things around us and respect for all life is emphasized throughout the week, especially when harvesting materials for activities from nature.  We take only what is given and never too much.  After proper instruction, campers may earn the privileges to utilize fire and camp-provided knives and other sharp tools. Privileges may be revoked for misuse and safety infractions, at the discretion of the counselors and program head. Safety is always addressed before each activity so that everyone knows the hazards and can participate mindfully.

The activities in each camp week can vary from week to week based on the interests and energy of the campers and skills brought by camp intructors. Each day at Wilderness Skills Camp will have a different schedule and is subject to change due to enrollment, weather, camper needs, etc. It is our goal to provide your camper with a variety of activities each week for an all-inclusive camp experience.

forest trail

Activities may include:

  • Mindfulness activities
  • Sensory awareness games
  • Nature observation, journaling, & range mapping
  • Pattern recognition of animal tracks and sign
  • Wild plant scavenger hunts
  • Field guide use
  • Moving silently in the woods
  • Capture the Flag gameplay
  • Low ropes challenges
  • Natural shelter building
  • Water activities
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Wood carving
  • Fiber arts & basket making
  • Fire making
  • Friction fire using bow-drill method
  • Primitive cooking
  • Coal burned spoons & bowls
  • Campfire storytelling