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Spring Session A is well underway and we're having a blast! There are a still a few seats open in Friday's Creative LEGO® Club, for those who wish to join at the half-term.

Does your child attend Main Dunstable Elementary or Hollis Primary School? School transportation is available!

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Spring Session B

  • Monday

Book Report Club: The Procrastinator's Cure

  • Dates: Apr. 3 - May 22 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 24)
  • Hours: 4-5:30 pm (1.5 hr)
  • Cost: $130

  • Junior and Senior courses will run in parallel:
  • Jr. Grades: 2-4
  • Sr. Grades: 5-8

This class is the cure for project procrastination! Receive assistance with your book report or other school projects, as you improve your study, research, and project management skills. Stumped as to where to start? Your instructor will even provide guidance in choosing a book or topic. Each student will also receive content and progress reviews to improve skills, whether it be data note taking, gathering and analysis, technical writing, creative writing, or beyond. Have fun and get difficult projects done!

The sessions will cover work that can be done at a desk with a computer, books, and pencil and notebook. The sessions will not include time for some aspects of projects (i.e. working with large poster board or conducting experiments). We will consider planning time to complete tasks outside of the club, such as poster board design outline, or data tracking forms, and a schedule to run experiments at home.

  • Tuesday

Adventurecraft: Explorers

  • Dates: Apr. 4 - May 23 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 25)
  • Hours: 4-5:30PM (1.5 hrs)
  • Ages: 9-14 yrs old
  • Cost: $130

Have you ever embarked on an adventure in Minecraft, fraught with puzzles and danger? Perhaps you've wanted to design your own adventure instead, and pit players against gauntlets of monsters through winding labyrinths. In our Adventurecraft class, we will help students to create their own mystery dungeons for their friends to explore, and show some tips and tricks to make any normal room contain a king's horde of secrets. We will introduce or expand skills in Redstone Engineering. This course is similar to Spring Session A's version, but tailored toward older students.

LEGO® Machines

  • Dates: Apr. 4 - May 23 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 25)
  • Hours: 4-5:30 pm (1.5 hr)
  • Ages: 7-10 yrs
  • Cost: $130

Who says science has to be in labs and white coats? Why can't it be done with LEGO? With the Lego LEGO Simple & Powered Machines box, children will design and make models and predict and observe their behavior, all while learning how its moving parts work! Join us in April, as we create a battery powered mechanical dog.

  • Wednesday

Negotiation & Debate

  • Dates: Apr. 5 - May 24 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 26)
  • Hours: 4-5:30PM (1.5 hrs)
  • Ages: 9-14 yrs old
  • Cost: $130

Calling all modern Socrates and Aristotles! Join us on an adventure in learning negotiation and debate skills while respectfully discussing the finer points of current practical issues and philosophical and moral topics. You will learn how to construct logical strategy and arguments, and to identify debate elements and tactics. You likewise hone the invaluable skill of listening well to your opponent’s argument, so you can better deconstruct it, land points, and win a debate. All subject matter will be age-appropriate.

  • Thursday

Neverbored Game Night

  • Dates: Apr. 6 - May 25 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 27)
  • Hours: 4-5:30PM (1.5 hrs)
  • Cost: $130

  • Junior and Senior courses will run in parallel:
  • Jr. Ages: 6-8 yrs
  • Sr. Ages: 9-14 yrs

Join us along with your peers and partake in the greatest family pastime—board games! We will be playing many different types of games, allowing students to think strategically, improvise on the fly, or just have fun! Not only we will learn the rules, but we will delve into how to maintain fair play, and briefly discuss gameplay topics, such as offensive and defensive strategy, and negotiation.

  • Friday

Creative LEGO® Club (Half-Term Openings)

  • Dates: Mar. 31 - Apr. 21 (4 weeks)
  • Hours: 4-5 pm (1 hr)
  • Ages: 5-7 yrs old
  • Cost: $50

Get your child's creativity flowing, and let their imagination run wild. Themes are the name of the game, and that's what inspires all of us to build. Is the theme furniture? Well maybe they feel like making a double-decker couch. What about space? Looks like a spaceship or distant alien is taking shape instead. It’s all up to your imagination! Finally, students will take their favorite creation and make a stop-motion animation video that shows how it is built brick-by-brick – the video will be sure to amaze your friends and family!

Great Games of the Ages: Strategy & Fair Play

  • Dates: Apr. 7 - May 26 (7 weeks; no class Apr. 28)
  • Hours: 4-5 pm (1.5 hr)
  • Ages: 8-14 yrs old
  • Cost: $130

Play some of the most engaging games in the history of humankind! Campers will play and strategize with peers in collaborative and competitive games from many eras. Topics include rules, offensive and defensive strategy, balance, goals, negotiation, and fair play. Campers will also have brainstorming sessions for new game and rule ideas.

We will play, plan, and discuss three main types of games:

  • Card games like playing cards (Fish, 52 Pick-up), Munchkins™
  • Board games like chess, Settlers of Catan™
  • Electronic games like Pong, Clash Royale™

Please accept this challenge and join us. Your move…

Students may bring a tablet under their care with Clash Royale™ installed (example used for this session; a “freemium” game – does not require purchases) or a similar modern offensive and defensive strategy game.

All courses are subject to cancellation, should a minimum enrollment not be met. In the event of a cancellation, participants will be informed and payment will be refunded.

Registration Fee & Forms

A once-annual, non-refundable $25.00 registration fee is due at the time of registration. One annual registration fee per child applies to The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy/The Painted Turtle Art Studio courses and camps, Camp Lovewell, and 2nd Nature Farm Camp. If your child is enrolled in 2nd Nature Academy, this registration fee is waived. Discounts do not apply to the registration fee.

Registration Form

Registration forms and payment (cash or check only) may be mailed or hand-delivered to The Enrichment Center (10 Groton Road, Nashua, NH 03062).

Spring 2017 Discounts

Sibling Discount: If enrolling 2 or more siblings, full price must be paid for the 1st child and a 5% discount per additional child may be applied for up to 2 siblings thereafter. This discount is not to be combined with any other discount and only applies to after school programs.

2nd Nature Academy After School Discount: If student is signed up for 2nd Nature Academy Afterschool program on the day of the corresponding class, they will receive 50% off above prices. Costs cover registration, all materials, and facility rental time. This discount is not to be combined with any other discount and only applies to after school programs.

School Transportation

During Spring 2017, we are offering after school transportation from Main Dunstable Elementary School (Nashua, NH) and Hollis Primary School (Hollis, NH) to our location at The Nature of Things Campus, for an additional fee. Transportation services cost an additional $35 per day. Discounts do not apply to transportation fees.

Transportation Agreement