February Vacation 2017

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  • Ages 8-14
  • 2/27 - 3/3
  • Full & half day options available

  • AM Session: Puzzlecraft

  • 9:00AM-12:00PM

Put your problem-solving skills to the test in this mini-camp that combines adventure, teamwork, and Minecraft! Team up with your friends to solve challenges and make your way through cooperational Minecraft maps where teamwork and communication is the key to success. Students will be encouraged to collaborate with each other and make use of everyone's ideas, as the challenges and puzzles are designed to be overcome with group effort.

This class is for various skill levels and will primarily be student-directed. Campers can decide to work individually or work as a team on the puzzles. Our instructor will provide guidance and direction where needed and/or requested. This is a great way to incorporate a social aspect to "gaming". We found that "tips-and-tricks" sharing, and overall skill development occurs often among other campers.

  • PM Session: App Smash

  • 1:00PM-4:00PM

App smashing is the new way for students to create classroom projects! This fun and expressive process involves using multiple apps to create an enhanced project. In each session, we will define an objective or theme and teach campers how to use various apps available to them, in a safe and responsible manner. Each app can range from creating e-books, avatars, green screens, narrated animations, video capturing, and more. Campers will then combine all the elements from each app to create one cohesive project. Daily tasks will vary by theme (e.g., narration, educational, instructional). One example may be to narrate a poem and create visual imagery to accompany the narration. For campers who love to play Clash Royale or other games, we might ask them to create an instructional video that teaches the best way to use your goblins and giants. For those who join us for the whole week, each will have a video to show their friends and family, as well as have a new and impressive skillset to bring back to school!

This class is for various skill levels and daily projects will primarily be student-directed.

Camp Details

Session Type Session Details Length Pricing
Single Session AM: Puzzlecraft or PM: App Smash 3 hours $45
Single Day AM: Puzzlecraft & PM: App Smash 7 hours* $80
Whole Week Full Day Schedule, Mon - Fri 35 hours* $300
  • *A full day includes a 1-hour lunch break between sessions
Registration Form
  • What to bring:
  • packed lunch
  • snacks
  • refillable water bottle