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Service Learning in March: Contribution

What We Achieved in February

In February, we came together in class to create Valentines for our troops, built around the theme of communication. Our goal was to brighten the spirits of stationed US soldiers who may be far away from home and their typical comforts, extending our thoughts of gratitude, well-wishes, and love. Sometimes, all it takes to bring somebody comfort is the knowledge that you’re thinking of them!

We sent our Valentines to the troops via one of our school community parents, who works as the local liaison for A Million Thanks. To get an idea of how our Valentine cards may have made some of our troops feel, we recommend visiting the Military Response page on the A Million Thanks website!

Up Next

March’s Cause: The Humane Society for Greater Nashua

March’s Goal: Collect donations to contribute to the local Humane Society’s needs list and improve the lives of the animals it cares for.

Humans rely on other animals for companionship, food, and service. In return, it is our responsibility to care for these wonderful beings by providing them with food, medical care, shelter, and affection. We do a lot daily to live out this responsibility at 2nd Nature Academy, through our humane education curriculum, but there are many animals in our community that are not so fortunate. By donating a contribution to an organization that works tirelessly to look after the less fortunate, we help that work continue. Taking the time to make positive, meaningful contributions and partaking in active service has the power to benefit any community, whether it is populated with people or pets, and can certainly brighten any life.

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua advocates for and enhances the lives of animals entrusted to our care while educating our community to strengthen the human-animal bond.

Call to Action

Time for some contribution! Throughout the month of April, we are collecting donations to fulfill The Humane Society’s Shelter Wish List, which you can find in full at

Check out a past humane education service learning project at 2nd Nature Academy! 

Humane Education at 2nd Nature Academy from The Nature of Things Campus on Vimeo.


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