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2nd Nature Academy Portraits of Courage

In 2017, former President George W. Bush published a book featuring a collection of oil paintings and partnering stories about military veterans. This book was his effort to commemorate veterans he had personally met. This Veteran’s Day, we wanted to engage students to not only think about and commemorate veterans, but to rethink their perceptions of what a veteran is. As usual, we want each of our service learning projects to be as hands-on and local community-oriented as possible. So, this…

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Campus Corner

What We Achieved in October

This past month, we focused on “Character” as our theme for a service learning project, and we worked on building character by holding our second…

Campus Corner

Growing Up: 2nd Nature Academy

Nature’s Pathways early childhood center may mark the beginning of children’s journeys here on the TNOT campus, but it doesn’t mark the beginning of founder Debbie…