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About 2nd Nature Academy

2nd Nature Academy is a private elementary and middle school for children in preschool through Grade 8 where inquiry, exploration, and experiential learning are at the heart of our education.

We take an innovative approach to learning by addressing real-life issues. With an integrated curriculum, we take students on a journey of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and altruism. By breaking down barriers between subjects, our educators make learning more meaningful and provide opportunities for deeper understanding. Students are expected to actively participate in their learning and achieve to their fullest potential.

Students are encouraged to approach learning through investigating, questioning, reasoning, and predicting. While teachers guide and facilitate the learning process, students are expected to take an active role in their learning. The classroom is a viable community and learning is collaborative. Students are expected to work cooperatively, actively participate, contribute fairly, offer honest feedback, accept corrective criticism, share thoughtful insights, and support other students.

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About Debbie

I was born and raised in Lynn, MA and even as child was a natural-born nurturer, who excelled in academics and loved messy, creative activities and the great outdoors, evidenced by my five years as a Girl Scout. By the time I was applying to college, my pursuit of elementary education and teaching was not even a question. Post-graduation and a few years of work, I decided to take some time off from teaching to raise her family of three daughters with my husband, Denis Gleeson. When I returned to teaching several years later, I discovered a newfound passion for early childhood development, but also found the state of education at that time to be disheartening. As a result, I began attending graduate school at Antioch University New England and, for my Master’s thesis project, decided to establish The Nature of Things, LLC with Denis (MBA, Boston University). Almost two decades later, that small prekindergarten class has grown into a full campus with a childcare center, elementary and middle school, summer camp, and working farm, all with curricula designed by myself. I continue to approach teaching with tireless passion and the ultimate goal to provide the best educational experience possible to my students.