Health & Care During COVID-19


Our center is situated on 39 acres of pristine land in South Nashua, NH / Dunstable, MA and abuts roughly 700 acres of conserved and protected land that we utilize for hiking, farm visits, and nature studies. Current State of NH and public health guidelines strongly encourage childcare programs to increase outdoor time whenever possible. With fields, forests, ponds, and wetlands at our fingertips, there is adequate space for all groups to explore while maintaining appropriate distancing. Multiple spaces allow for teachers to easily implement our emergent curriculum outdoors, and children across all programs have access to outdoor time throughout the day.

Registration & Enrollment

We are glad to welcome new families to campus. Our healthy, high performance buildings, spacious classrooms that allow for flexible arrangements, and expansive campus with a wide range of outdoor amenities support distancing while allowing for enrollment.

Revised Care Hours

We have temporarily revised our hours of operation to 7:00 am-5:00 pm. This allows for proper staffing, as well as adequate time for enhanced cleaning and disinfecting.

Health & Safety

2nd Nature Academy is keeping up with the latest health and safety recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Camp Association (ACA), as well as NH Safer at Home Child Care guidance.

Some of the policies we continue to follow include:

  • enhanced cleaning and disinfecting using EPA-approved cleaners and sanitizers
  • more frequent handwashing for children and adults
  • staff use of masks indoors, as well as outdoors whenever social distancing is not possible
  • maintaining limited group sizes
  • increased use of outdoor spaces in both frequency and duration
  • access to building limited to personnel and children in our care
  • refraining from mixing groups of children throughout the day
  • maintaining social distancing protocols wherever/whenever feasible and realistic
  • placing nap cots and cribs head-to-toe and six feet apart, based on physical space available
  • serving meals and snacks in the classrooms and spacing children at tables accordingly

Drop-off & Pick-up

We have put several procedures in place to ensure proper social distancing during drop-off and pick-up. Families are asked to wear a face covering and line up outside, six feet apart, while waiting to enter the childcare building. Markers are posted on the sidewalk. Upon entering the vestibule, families are asked a series of screening questions before their child may be dropped off. Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the classrooms at this time. A staff member will escort children to/from their classrooms.

Well-Child Center

All children will be screened daily upon arrival. Temperatures will be taken and a health survey will be conducted. Any individual with a fever, cold symptoms, or other symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be required to stay home for 72-hours after fever/symptom-free without medication.

Daily Routine

Due to restrictions on group sizes and a need to maintain health and safety protocols, groupings of children and class locations may periodically change, in order to best control group sizes and implement other health considerations. Rest assured that we will continue to provide a safe, nurturing environment to help provide consistency and routine in this chaotic time.