Infants (Chicks)

Infants curriculum guide (PDF)

A Nurturing Environment

Early experiences have a profound effect on a child’s later development. The first twelve months of life are the most developmentally critical months. Great gains are made in the child’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, sensory, motor, and language development. This is why we strive to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating, soothing, and loving environment for your infant.

Individual Care & Attention

Our caregivers are trained in early childhood development and are aware that no two infants are alike. They provide the proper guidance and set safe limits while respecting your baby’s curiosity. By allowing babies to safely explore, our caregivers are helping your child to develop confidence needed to try new things and develop new skills. An infant’s daily routine includes time each day for holding and rocking, feeding, tummy time, motor skills development, verbal interactions, music, supervised floor play, outdoor walks (weather permitting), diapering, and napping.

First Year Development

Infant care ranges from 8 weeks old through the first year. Infants still nap on demand, are bottle fed, and are developing large muscle groups in their necks, shoulders, arms, legs, and torso. While in the infant room, children learn to recognize and respond to their caregivers and other infants, learn to roll over, learn to crawl and pull themselves up, reach for and retrieve objects, are spoon fed, respond to familiar voices and music, and develop their own personality.