Mission & Philosophy

At Nature’s Pathways our experienced educators provide a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for children ages 8 weeks through preschool, prekindergarten, and interim-kindergarten. Inquiry, curiosity, and exploration are valued and encouraged using a multi-sensory, integrated approach to learning. We focus on individual strengths and value the uniqueness of each learner. Teachers also foster cooperation, positive conflict resolution, self-help skills, collaboration, compassion, and critical thinking.


  • Healthy, high performance school building with geothermal radiant floor heating, natural day lighting, healthy air quality, and green cleaning
  • Well-appointed campus offering many opportunities for experiences in nature, outdoor education, interactions with farm animals, and organic gardening
  • Secure facility, supervised locked entry, video monitoring, low teacher to child ratios, FEMA emergency plan, and safe playground
  • Nutritious meals prepared daily in our kitchen by our experienced chef using fresh ingredients without added corn syrup, artificial dyes, nitrates, or nitrites
  • Highly qualified, experienced, engaged, nurturing staff
  • Consistent daily routines with a well-planned early childhood curriculum that engages children in activities that promote early language, literacy, science, math, music, and art skills