Pre-Elementary Programs

Our pre-elementary programs are separated into three different age groups. Please click on a link below for more specific curriculum information:

All children must be toilet trained to be eligible for preschool and prekindergarten.

To learn more about kindergarten (children who turn five by September 30) through high school, please visit our sister school's site: 2nd Nature Academy.

A Learning Environment Built for Children

In our pre-elementary programs, we value cooperation, interaction, and willingness to accept challenges. We focus on individual strengths and value the uniqueness of each learner. While there are many curricular goals we set out to achieve, the process we use to accomplish these objectives varies from child to child. Unfortunately, in most circumstances, success in school depends on the coverage of curriculum and little to do with true understanding. By providing diversified materials and numerous opportunities for observation, exploration, and inquiry, nearly all children will become true learners and problem solvers.

The Uniqueness of Each Learner

At Nature's Pathways, we recognize children as individuals with unique personalities and learning styles. Children grow and learn through the process of exploration and discovery. Each child learns at a different pace and acquires knowledge in a different manner. Children actively form relationships in various ways and obtain understanding through different approaches. In order for all children to successfully attain cognitive, physical, social and emotional development, our degreed teachers provide enriching materials, a safe nurturing environment, clearly set boundaries and expectations, and plenty of opportunity for exploration.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Our approach in presenting material is thematic and interdisciplinary. Concepts are woven together, throughout the various content areas. There will be limited use of worksheets and “cookie cutter” art projects. Instead, learning takes place through experiential education and discernible learning situations.