When I was searching for childcare for my three-month-old son, I found Nature’s Pathways to be the best fit. Working in Boston and being so far away from my precious little guy, I knew I had to find a childcare option that I completely trusted and that was Nature’s Pathways. His younger sister has also gone through the program at Nature's Pathways and, throughout the years, the teachers here have helped them to grow and develop. My son is now a second grader at 2nd Nature Academy and my daughter transitions into the kindergarten class this year. They continue to grow into the amazing children they are today through the support and guidance they receive at school.

Marnie Crowley

Parent of two Nature’s Pathways alumni and current 2nd Nature Academy students

My son became a member of the Nature’s Pathways family at four months old. From his first days in the infant room, it was evident that we were in the right place. I never feel like I am leaving my child at "daycare"; I feel like I am leaving him with a group of people who know him, understand who he is as an individual, and genuinely care about him. My son was diagnosed with an expressive language delay at age 2, and since that time his teachers have worked closely with the family to ensure that his needs are being met. They have consistently supported him in the classroom, and have been more than willing to implement the recommendations of his speech therapist. I have seen his confidence and social interaction blossom as a result of their efforts. My son is now four years old and my newborn daughter will be joining him at Nature's Pathways in the fall. Their approach to childcare and holistic approach to education is a perfect fit for our family, and I would recommend their programs to anyone.

Beth Cunningham

Parent of a pre-kindergartener and infant

As a new mom five years ago, one of the toughest challenges I faced was deciding where my one year old daughter would spend over 40 hours a week while I went back to work. From the moment we stepped onto The Nature of Things campus, we knew we were in the right place and we’ve never left. My daughter is now five years old and starting kindergarten on campus at 2nd Nature Academy. My two and a half year old son is thriving in the Leapers classroom at Nature’s Pathways. There is a true sense of community here and the nature-based approach to learning has been more beneficial then I could have imagined for my children. Each child is given the opportunity to learn and explore at their own pace and the natural strengths of each child emerge and are encouraged. It is remarkable to see both the academic and social skills that both of my children have gained in this environment. I could not be more pleased to be part of The Nature of Things family.

Rebekah McGuire

Parent of a Nature's Pathways toddler and 2nd Nature Academy Kindergartener

As a teacher, I always envisioned sending our child to a school that shared similar values on education. At the same time, as a first-time parent, I wanted to send our child to a place that provided care, warmth, and compassion. After touring The Nature of Things, we knew our childcare decision was clear. I returned to teaching after seven months, and not only did my daughter have an exceptionally smooth transition into the infant room; I also felt a sense of relief, knowing she was being cared for by people with whom I felt safe and secure. She was learning and thriving each day, all while being in a loving, nurturing environment. A year later, our daughter is acquiring something new every day in the Leapers room. It's amazing watching her learn and change at such an incredible pace. Looking back on our decision, I am confident we chose the best place for her and our family. TNOT’s commitment to the whole child, while focusing on a holistic approach to learning, is truly something to be valued. As parents, we are not only proud, but also incredibly thankful to be part of this community.

Amanda & Sean McGuire

Parents of a Nature’s Pathways toddler

I chose to send my two boys to daycare at Nature's Pathways because I felt that my children would be able to transition more smoothly from daycare to early education as they grew older, as compared to moving from a stand-alone daycare facility into a separate school setting. Each boy started at Nature's Pathways when he was three months old and I have always felt that the staff members at Nature's Pathways adapted their processes to accommodate both my specific needs as a parent as well as the personalities of my children. All the while, they have ensured that they adjust to a daily learning routine appropriate for their age group. Going beyond my expectations of a typical daycare, I love that the kids learn outside of the classroom at Nature's Pathways (e.g., nature hikes, barn visits, seasonally-appropriate activities). I would recommend Nature's Pathways to any family. Period.

Sarah Warren

Parent of a Nature's Pathways infant and preschooler

My two year old loves his teachers and friends at Nature’s Pathway. Not only is he surrounded by teachers who genuinely care about his well-being, but he’s also learning something new every day. The teachers communicate the classroom’s themes and activities so that I can ask my son about his day at school and reinforce and talk about the things he’s learning in school at home. At the end of each day, I know what my son did during the day, if he napped and ate the nutritious lunch that’s served daily. The teachers are easy to talk to and happy to work with each individual child and their needs.

We also love the teachers in the infant room who are taking care of my six-month old daughter. When she started school, she was refusing to take a bottle and the teachers made some great suggestions to help us along the way. During the transition from maternity leave back to work, the teachers encouraged me to call anytime to check in on my daughter. I never feel like I’m being a bother and my questions and concerns are answered honestly. I have many as a new parent! It’s comforting to know that when I drop off both of my children at school each morning, they are cared for and loved like they are at home. I highly recommend Nature’s Pathway to anyone looking for a special place for their kids to grow and learn.

Franzi Schuster

Parent of a Nature's Pathways infant and toddler