Toddlers (Lambs, Piglets, & Calves)

Curriculum guides (PDF): Young toddlers / Older toddlers / Emergent Preschool

A Safe Environment to Grow

Toddlers are probably the busiest age group. They are in perpetual motion and need constant adult supervision. They are natural born scientists, instinctively following the scientific method. They are constantly observing, questioning, hypothesizing, testing, and experimenting. Toddlers continuously use cause and effect to test new situations and require a safe environment in which to explore and manipulate their surroundings without fear of failure or getting hurt. Our caregivers provide a rich, interactive early childhood program with clearly set boundaries and predictable routines. Children are engaged in play-based activities, fun stories, rhymes and finger plays, music and movement, motor skills development, language development, arts and craft activities, outdoor play, and of course, exploration.

Developing a Sense of Self

The toddler years are when most children develop language and are learning to communicate their feelings. Our program in rich in children’s literature and the toddler curriculum is hands-on, thematic, and developmentally appropriate. As toddlers grow and develop, they often lose their sense of control. Their favorite word is “No” and they sometimes try to gain control with power struggles over such things as dressing, eating, sleeping and toileting. We therefore offer many safe choices throughout the day for the toddlers helping them regain some sense of control. Positive behavior guidance techniques are followed to help guide the children through their daily social and emotional struggles.

Potty Training

Toilet training is an integral part of toddler development. We believe that potty training should be a positive experience. We maintain a close relationship with each child’s family to ensure that consistency happens both at home and at school. In order to successfully toilet train a child, however, the parents must actively participate in the process at home.