Spring Vacation 2018

We're teaming up with The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy to bring you our spring S.T.E.A.M. vacation week offerings. Join us for fun learning experiences as we get the creative in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics projects! Learn more about The Enrichment Center:

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  • Monday, April 23 - Friday, April 27

    for ages 8-12

Schedule: Our full-day camps are split up with multiple snack, recess, and lunch breaks to make sure we get plenty of fresh air and play to balance our work habits in the lab. (More info: What to Bring and Before/After Care)


Full day (5 days): $350
Morning camp only (5 days): $165
Afternoon workshops only (5 days): $150
Single session workshop (1 day; PM): $35 each

Registration fee: $25* (Details)
Applies to all 5-day camps: AM, PM, and full-day. Does not apply to single workshop sessions.

Morning Camp (Ages 8-12)

STEAM Fusion: Green Screen Puppetry Cabaret

  • Days: Monday - Friday, 4/23-4/27
    Times: 8:30am-12:00pm

April vacation camp has never been so exciting! This camp seamlessly combines art and technology by teaming up with The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy. Campers will be offered art intensive time to focus on their puppetry creation station, and then rotate to learn how to infuse their sets with green screen technology, enjoying a full day of STEAM fun. Organized games are led by teachers during recess break, and students will enjoy making new friends and memories.

(Puppetry projects will be a mix of hand and rod puppets with simple marionettes. We will create a cabaret style of puppet shows throughout the week and allow students to come up with original scripts.)

Afternoon Workshops (Ages 8-12)

Scratch and Digital Photography

  • Day: Monday, 4/23
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

Students will learn the ins and outs of basic photography compositions and digital imaging using the Kindle Fire. Then we'll take these images and make them come alive through simple programming using Scratch.

Minecraft Adventures

  • Day: Tuesday, 4/24
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

In this workshop, we'll help students design their own mini-adventure mystery for their friends to explore and teach some tips and tricks to make any normal room contain a monarch's hoard of secrets.

Graffiti & Painting on Canvas

  • Day: Tuesday, 4/24
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

Students will be introduced to two art techniques in this workshop -- they will learn from painting a simple project as we explain the elements and principles of art. Then they will discover their inner graffiti artist as we learn basic font design and define our identities visually with our individual tags.

Space Simulation with Kerbal Space Program

  • Day: Wednesday, 4/25
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

Join us as we take to the stars this afternoon! Using the game Kerbal Space Program, students will learn about rocket engineering and design, as teams compete to see who can get their rocket into space.

Jewelry and Duct Tape Fashion

  • Day: Wednesday, 4/25
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

Learn how to use some jewelry tools to work wires into beautiful charms and sculptures. We will use a mix of glass beads to create fancy bracelets. But we won't stop here. We'll also design and create small wallets or purses out of durable duct tape.

Sculpture Design & Cardboard Engineering

  • Day: Thursday, 4/26
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

In our full summer camp, students create their own family banners and armor, as well as build cardboard structures to be used for their Quest. In this introduction, students will conceptualize, engineer, sculpt, and build their own headgear.

Stop Motion: Zoetropes

  • Day: Friday, 4/27
  • Times: 1:00-4:00pm

One part creation, one part production, all parts fun! In our full-week summer camp, we will use image capture and animation software to bring our storytelling to life. In this intro workshop, we will use similar concepts but use an ingenious contraption called the zoetrope to create our animation. We'll work with students to create their storyboard, and draw their animation frames. Then we will build our own zoetropes, which is an early form of a motion picture project!

Still curious? Watch a video example of a zoetrope.

What to Bring

  • packed lunch (full-day only)
  • snacks
  • refillable water bottle
  • seasonally-appropriate outerwear (e.g. outdoor shoes, jacket, cold weather accessories if applicable, etc.)
  • rubber-soled indoor shoes

Before/After Care

  • Times: 7:30am-8:30am / 4:00-6:00pm
  • Pricing: $70 additional per week

Discounts do not apply to before/after care.

Registration Forms

To register, all participants must submit the following paperwork:

All camps are subject to cancellation, should a minimum enrollment not be met. There are no refunds or reductions once a participant is registered for any reason, unless The Painted Turtle Art Studio cancels a camp, whereupon all participants will be informed in advance and payment will be refunded.

*A once-annual, non-refundable $25.00 registration fee is due at the time of registration. One annual registration fee per child applies to The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy/The Painted Turtle Art Studio courses and camps, Camp Lovewell, and 2nd Nature Farm Camp. If your child is enrolled in 2nd Nature Academy, this registration fee is waived. Discounts do not apply to the registration fee.

Registration forms and payment (cash or check only) may be mailed or hand-delivered to The Enrichment Center (10 Groton Road, Nashua, NH 03062).