NEASC Accreditation

2nd Nature Academy is pleased to announce that our school was granted Institutional Accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in July 2018. We thank all who were involved in the intensive self-study process, and our school community for coming together to welcome the NEASC visiting committee in April. In an excerpt from the official accreditation letter from NEASC, it was stated that:

NEASC Accredited

The Commission particularly commends the entire school community for its commitment to and expression of the mission of the school and its learning model. The Visiting Committee noted that evidence of this was readily apparent in every aspect of school activity.

Other commendations included the Commission being impressed by the "proactive succession plan in place at 2nd Nature Academy." The Visiting Committee also commended the school for implementing its experiential learning model and humane education curriculum, as well as providing opportunities for inquiry and exploration. Recommendations put forth by NEASC include, "That the Academy continue to explore ways to reach more prospective students and make its program better understood to the outside community," and that, as the school grows through middle school and into high school, "That the Academy continue to refine and formalize its curriculum across all subject areas and grade levels."

Accreditation by NEASC is an ongoing process that requires commitment to constant school improvement. Two- and Five-Year Interim Evaluation Reports will be followed by our next regularly scheduled evaluation visit in 2028. To learn more about NEASC Accreditation, please visit