The Arts Curriculum Guide

The Arts: An Overview

The arts processes, including music, fine arts, and performing arts, provide a strong platform for learning across the curriculum. There is a surprisingly rich association between the arts and other disciplines. For example, the arts are strongly connected to process skills in science, to problem solving skills in mathematics, and to communication and information skills in language arts. All of these skillsets go far beyond mere information acquisition. Arts integration provides students with countless opportunities to practice these skills in the context of an experience that is meaningful to them.

The arts curriculum at 2nd Nature Academy is integrated through cultural education, literature, creative writing, poetry, science, nature, history, critical thinking, fine arts, performing arts, and music. The premise is to transmit ideas creatively, bridge cultural gaps, explore civilizations, and encourage innovation through creative approaches to learning and creativity in the classroom. This provides students with 21st Century Skills. Qualified, trained professionals in music, art, and drama plan, prepare, and implement curricula for our students. They work closely with classroom teachers to integrate the arts into the curriculum.

Fine Arts Curriculum

Students learn the seven elements of art this through various processes of art including drawing, painting, and printmaking. The seven elements are:

  • color
  • balance
  • shape/form
  • line
  • value
  • texture
  • perspective

World Music Drumming Curriculum

Communication skills and cooperative teamwork are incorporated into music lessons through the process of:

  • listening
  • playing various types of drums and other percussion instruments
  • singing songs with percussion from various multicultural traditions
  • improvising new drumming ensemble patterns
  • creating drum ensembles
  • echoing drum and singing patterns played by others
  • identifying types of instruments being played
  • recognizing styles of music
  • understanding musical cultures

Drama Curriculum

Drama curriculum at 2nd Nature Academy is designed to teach students how to work together in groups, think creatively and critically, use their imaginations, and solve problems. Students learn how to improve their focus, self-confidence, and social skills through various classroom activities including:

  • group games
  • improvisations
  • characterization
  • reader’s theater
  • adapting poetry and fairy tales
  • scripted and non-scripted dramatizations

Drama club is offered as an extracurricular activity for students in upper elementary and middle school. The drama club culminates with an original performance created, in part, by the club participants. Drama club coaches guide and facilitate the students in the basics of elements of theater and acting.