We are always thinking outside the box at 2nd Nature Academy, whether immersing ourselves in language and culture, getting our hands dirty in history or at the barn, or donning our humanitarian helmets for a cause. We invite you to join us on some of these exciting, educational journeys by viewing the videos below. For many more like these, we invite you to visit our Vimeo page.

The Dig Project

  • The Dig Project is one of the middle school students' (and teachers') favorite school year experiences, immersing them in history by embarking upon an archaeology adventure. Follow the 2nd Nature Academy middle school students as they build an ancient civilization from the ground up... and put it right back into the ground!

Immersive Mandarin Field Trip (Food Vocabulary)

  • Join 2nd Nature Academy upper elementary and middle school classes on a field trip adventure with their Mandarin teacher, Lóng Lăo Shī, to China Star Dim Sum as they get a taste of Chinese culture, food, and practice their Mandarin language skills. Xiè xiè to the staff at China Star!

Immersive Spanish Field Trip (Food Vocabulary)

  • If you enjoyed 2nd Nature Academy upper elementary and middle school's Mandarin field trip, we invite you to join them here as they put their Spanish into practice! Check out some of the delicious memories we made on the day before school ended for the year, with Spanish language teachers Mrs. Gleeson and Mrs. Vasquez. Gracias to the wonderful folks at El Colima!

Humane Education at 2nd Nature Academy

  • The lower elementary students at 2nd Nature Academy take part in their first barn duties of the school year. Every student in the elementary and middle school programs partakes in the program throughout the school year. Humane education teaches children a litany of invaluable skills, ranging from responsibility, to compassion and understanding, to where our food comes from. It also helps to foster an appreciation of our natural world and reconnect today's kids to our environment.

5th Annual Kids 4 Kids Roll-a-thon (Service Learning)

  • Each year, as a part of our service learning curriculum, our entire school community comes together and rides to raise money for children battling cancer at Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and their families. See the big event in action!