2nd Nature Academy High School

Scholarship Program
Grades 7-12

2nd Nature Academy is an accredited high school seeking creative learners. Our educational community is student-centered with core values focused on inquiry, exploration, collaboration and problem solving. We develop well-rounded and independent critical thinkers who are able to create, communicate, and conquer challenges, in order to contribute fully to society. 2nd Nature Academy prepares students for successful transitions to both college and the workforce.

2nd Nature Academy is looking to make its education accessible to as many students as possible by offering twelve scholarships to qualifying students for a four-year high school education. Scholarships are need-based and will be granted to qualifying families. All potential students interested in receiving a scholarship will need to complete both the application for admission and application for tuition assistance with School and Student Services.

2nd Nature Academy seeks students who:

  • are engaged, innovative, resilient, collaborative, compassionate and mindful
  • possess a strong work ethic
  • understand the importance of community and actively participate as positive members
  • have strong academic records demonstrating effort and achievement
  • come highly recommended by educational and community leaders

Scholarships will be reviewed annually and are dependent upon:

  • family’s continuing financial need
  • student’s satisfactory academic progress
  • student maintaining satisfactory behavior
  • parental cooperation and support

en español: Programa de Becas de la Escuela Secundaria 2nd Nature Academy