Farm, Field, & Friends Camp

Designed for the camper who loves animals and the outdoors, Farm, Field, & Friends is a day camp for boys and girls, ages 7-13. Campers will participate in the daily routine of a real working farm. Embark on a journey of fun and education, as we learn about sustainability, healthy food, humane treatment of animals, and so much more!

Care for the living things around us and respect for all life is emphasized throughout the week, especially when interacting with the barn animals.  Safety is always addressed before each activity so that everyone knows the hazards and can participate mindfully. 

The activities in each camp week can vary from week to week based on the interests and energy of the campers and skills brought by camp instructors. Each day at Farm, Field, & Friends Camp will have a different schedule and is subject to change due to enrollment, weather, camper needs, etc. It is our goal to provide your camper with a variety of activities each week for an all-inclusive camp experience.

Activities may include:

  • Barn chores (e.g. feeding animals and cleaning stalls)
  • Caring for animals (goats, chicken, ducks, dairy cow, donkey, alpaca, etc.)
  • Farm-to-table gardening
  • Permaculture projects
  • Picking cultured and wild berries
  • Composting
  • Gathering eggs
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Forest, field, and pond hikes and exploration
  • Water activities