The Cultivating Wild Mission

Cultivating Wild provides experiential learning and ancestral skill development for local and regional communities, in order to develop nature literacy and increase nature connection.

What is "Nature Connection?"

Nature connection is a relationship in which individuals, communities, and societies recognize their links with the natural world and how it can provide everything they need. Nature connection increases empathy, builds confidence, reduces anxiety, and puts each person in touch with their unique gifts. This leads to an explosion in personal growth, learning, awareness, self-reliance, better interpersonal relationships, care for the local community, and stewardship of our environment.

What is "Nature Literacy?"

Nature connection is accomplished through nature literacy. Nature literacy is the ability to interact with our landscape, informed by knowledge of and experience with the living beings around us, in a way that creates mutually beneficial relationships and increases abundance for all.

What are "Ancestral Skills?"

Ancestral skills include a long list of abilities that our ancestors possessed and practiced at various points in history, and which enabled them to survive and thrive in the time and place they were. Traditional farming, archery, foraging, tracking, pottery, aid-less navigation, and natural building are some examples of these many skills.