Mission & Philosophy

To foster a sense of adventure in lifelong learning and to nourish inquisitive minds through quality, multimodal educational programs for students of all ages.

About the Enrichment Center

Started in 2014, The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy is an educational facility that provides interdisciplinary learning experiences to the local community. The cornerstone of every class is to create a respectful, collaborative environment that encourages critical thinking and sharing of ideas, guided by passionate and skilled instructors. Our classes can range from a one-time seminar to a semester-long course.

Set in high-tech, platinum LEED buildings with idyllic rustic surroundings, our enrichment courses cover various disciplines—visual and performing arts, foreign languages, sciences, technology, math and engineering, history and literature, and home and garden.

Our offerings today are primarily geared toward elementary and middle schoolers, but stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.