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Brainwave Summer Camps 2021

Our S.T.E.A.M. summer day camps offer fun learning experiences for 6 to 14 year-old campers, as we get the creative juices flowing in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics projects.

Camp Times: 8:30am-3:30pm

After Care: 3:30-5:00pm (additional cost, learn more >>)

Pricing: see camp listings below

All Brainwave Summer Camps require campers to bring a packed lunch, snacks, a refillable water bottle, and bug spray. Campers all must wear a face covering upon arrival and pack clean spares. Full details regarding face coverings may be found in our handbook. Campers will be provided frequent outdoor activity breaks and a morning snack break, lunch break, and afternoon snack break throughout the course of each day.

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Canvas Painting & Drawing En Plein Air | Ages 9-14 | June 21-25 | $355

drawing en plein airCalling all young Monets and Cassatts! This camp is perfect for artists passionate about drawing and painting. Our day will be divided between life drawing and expressive painting. Projects will strengthen skills and challenge our creative hearts. Campers are allowed to bring in images they'd like to learn how to paint. We will explore painting surfaces, sizes, and materials. Our life drawing will be spent outdoors, observing nature and learning how to draw landscapes and farm animals. For inspiration, we will take short walks to the campus barn to visit with our furry friends, and the pond to visit both flora and fauna.

Duct Tape & Wire Sculpture Arts | Ages 8-14 | June 28-July 2 | $380

duct tapeUsing duct tape as our medium, campers will design their own fashion accessories, artwork, mobiles, and more. To take creations to the next level, we will combine this medium with other materials such as fabric and wire! We will learn techniques in felting and design patterns for duct tape and fabric. Instruction will be mixed between guided skill demonstrations and independent creative execution.

Illustrate It | Ages 6-14 (Group A: 9-14 / Junior: 6-8) | July 6-9* | $355

Illustrate ItLet's make our stories come to life through illustrations! All forms of illustration techniques will be covered during our week of camp. We will spend time writing and illustrating our own bedtime story. For inspiration, we will visit the barnyard to learn how to draw our resident farm animals and take short nature walks to the pond to help us observe from nature and create beautiful landscape paintings. Cartooning and drawing techniques will also be covered.

*Closed on Monday, July 5th in observance of Independence Day

LEGO Urban Planning | Ages 6-8 | July 12-16 | $380

LEGO urban planningThis camp is perfect for kids who love to create unique worlds and ecosystems. We will collaborate as a group to come up with our own culture and civilization, and then imagine what a city or neighborhood might look like in that world. Each camper will take an aspect of our city and build it out. At the end of the week, we will put our masterpieces together, and enjoy all our work. Throughout the week, we will document our ideas and plans and then compare it to our final builds.

Minecraft Adventurecraft: Lost in the City | Ages 6-8 | July 19-23 | $380

Adventurecraft cityHave you ever embarked on an adventure in Minecraft, fraught with puzzles and danger? In Adventurecraft: Lost in the City edition, we will help campers to create their own urban labyrinths for their friends to explore, as well as teach tips and tricks to build skyscrapers that might contain the answers that will help you get back home.

FULL: Art Exploration: From Crayons to Pixels | Ages 6-8 | June 21-25 | $355

crayons to pixelsWe will be inspired by artists and how they used tools and media to create their masterpiece. Campers will discover how different media and tools contribute to artistic expression. We will experiment by mixing paints, making crayons, and using digital media (among others) to create vibrant compositions and learn basic art principles! Each class will see us make a new project geared to engage our young artists so they can learn and grow both their talent and self-confidence.

FULL: Minecraft Art Heist: Widgets, Traps, & Redstone | Ages 9-14 (Junior: Ages 6-8) | June 28-July 2 | $380

Minecrafters turn into art collectors as they research and learn about masterpieces from around the world. We will then re-create and assemble their favorite pieces in their own Minecraft museum with a state-of-the art security system. Advanced campers will also learn how to use Redstone engineering to create security traps and contraptions that will thwart their fellow 'Crafters, who will be invited to test the security system.

Animate It | Ages 8-12 | July 6-9* | $355

One part creation, one part production, all parts fun! Using any materials on hand, such as LEGO or clay, campers will combine their power of storytelling with image-capture technology. They will create videos in which their creations interact with each other through the power of stop-motion animation. Instructors will help campers develop short storyboards, set up the video camera, and use the animation software. At the end of class, we will email campers their videos. Develop all your STEAM skills as you produce a visual masterpiece.

*Closed on Monday, July 5th in observance of Independence Day

Start Up: Birth of a Brand | Ages 9-14 | July 12-23 (2 weeks) | $725

start-upOver the course of two weeks, campers will make a natural health or beauty product (e.g., lip balm or bug spray) as they learn and implement basic principles and tools of product development, brand-building, and graphic design. We will experiment with different formulations and conduct market research to create our final products. Then, campers will think about what makes the product special and translate it into a brand positioning, tagline, and brand marks (e.g., logo, colors, imagery, fonts). Taking all of these elements together, campers will implement their product design and create a print ad. We will also cover basic financial considerations like product price, cost of goods, and other expenses to introduce business principles.

Cardboard Quest & Engineering drawing en plein air
FULL: Ages 8-14 (Group A: 11-14 / Group B: 8-10) | July 26-August 6 (2 weeks) | $725
FULL: Ages 6-8 (Junior) | July 26-30 (1 week) | $380

cardboard questStep into another world as your wits are put to the test! This is our most comprehensive STEAM adventure, where campers will build their 21st Century skills! Campers will collaborate in groups to develop their team's identity and motto. Together, each group will create flags and crests which represents the team's persona. We will design and build structures, armor, and/or attire from the finest cardboard in the land.

carboard quest jr.Campers will embark on cooperative adventures that will challenge their scientific, engineering, creative, and physical abilities. They may need to design and build a boat entirely out of cardboard and, to up the ante, they'll also have to test it themselves! One day they might learn about trebuchets, and launch water balloons out of our very own (made entirely out of cardboard!) or they might be asked to create a Rube Goldberg kinetic sculpture. Several of the design challenges will be team-focused as well, promoting and inspiring collaboration and cooperation.

FULL: LEGO Mind Palace | Ages 6-8 | August 9-13 | $380

LEGO Mind PalaceNo following instructions here! While our time will be mostly student-directed, we will focus the builds on specific design themes each day. Each theme is meant to provide context for campers to make some design considerations given a few constraints, while keeping to their creative vision. One day, we might ask campers to create animals and their habitat if they lived on Mars. Another day, we might introduce an artist like M.C. Escher and ask campers to create a LEGO build inspired by his illusionist art work. Every session is sure to be a creative blast!

Lost Civilizations: From Culture-Building to Multimedia Museum Exhibit
Ages 8-14 (Group A: 11-14 / Group B: 8-10) | August 9-20 (2 weeks) | $725

lost civilizationOur newest two-week camp takes STEAM to another level! Campers will work in groups to create their own civilization with its own culture, language and beliefs, and build artifacts that represent their world. Each group will bury these artifacts and take on roles of archaeologists as they dig another group's relics. They will learn how to survey excavation sites, to document their findings, and to develop their hypotheses on the story behind these discoveries in order to piece together the lost civilization. All of their work will culminate in the creation of a multimedia museum exhibit and research symposium that showcases their findings.

FULL: Minecraft Around the Universe in 5 Days: Creative World Building & Architecture | Ages 6-8 | August 16-20 | $380

Minecraft universeCampers will imagine themselves in a spacecraft and travel to different "lands" (or time) where they will learn about and research different styles of architecture or aspects of space. Inspired by what they've learned, campers will "craft" their world in Minecraft. Projects will be student-driven and guided by our instructor and counselors, who will also provide instruction. At the end of the week, each camper will act as a guide as we all cram into the "tour bus."

Registration Materials & Fee

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After Care

  • Times: 3:30-5:00pm
  • Pricing: $55 additional per week**

Discounts do not apply to after care.

Summer 2021 Discounts:
  • Early registration: Register and PAY IN FULL for 2 or more weeks per camper by March 31st of the corresponding camp year and receive 5% off of camp rates. Any additional weeks added after March 31st are not subject to the discount.
  • Full summer: Enroll for the full summer (9 weeks) per camper and receive a 5% discount off of camp rates. Must PAY IN FULL by June 1st of the corresponding camp year.
  • Sibling discount: Receive a 5% discount off of camp rates for the second child if both children attend 4+ weeks of camp. Must be PAID IN FULL by June 1st of the corresponding camp year.

Only one discount per family. Discounts may not be combined. Sibling discount applies to the lower rate. **Discounts do not apply to registration fees or extended care.

All camps are subject to change or cancellation, should a minimum enrollment not be met. There are no refunds or reductions once a participant is registered for any reason, unless The Enrichment Center @ 2nd Nature Academy cancels a camp, whereupon all participants will be informed in advance and payment will be refunded.